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Golden Sparkles


Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
- Arthur Ashe

Passionate About Empowering &  Inspiring Others

My passion and drive are to inspire and empower people around the globe. To use the skills they have, learn new skills and knowledge to grow themself, and become successful individuals and/or entrepreneurs. I am especially excited to inspire and empower more females into the space of blockchain-, crypto-, the metaverse, Web3, and NFTs.

I have made thousands of lectures, private and public training, built on empiric knowledge. Sharing what I have experienced myself to inspire people. Not to compare with me or anyone else but to get inspired and understand that if I can, You can. I have done it live for small- and big groups, and hundreds of thousands of people online. The amount is not important for me; it is what each person gets out of it.

I am a TEDx speaker, and I was one of 20 Global Women Leaders to Look up to 2021 by Passion Vista & Unified Brainz. My main business over the last decades has been as a full-time Business Coach, Global Speaker, and Trainer. I have thousands of people all over the world whom I mentored and educate in leadership, personal development, technology, and entrepreneurship. I am an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, sharing my business articles with a global audience.

In my business area, there are many men and I have nothing against men or working with men. I believe in balance. What I do see is that many women when it comes to entrepreneurship put themselves down and believe they cannot do the change they want to do because for different reasons. This is one of the reasons why I work a lot with entrepreneurship for women globally. There are so many amazing women that because of different reasons like country, culture, not enough belief in themselves, limit themselves.

The last year's pandemic has made and made a huge impact on people’s lives, both their health and finances. To be able to start Your own business, learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, and have a group of like-minded people that support You have helped so many people during this pandemic. Even after the pandemic, I know that this “trend” that is not a trend will continue.

Most people want a change in their lives and not everyone is ready or willing, but many are and these people I love to support so they see their own potential and grow, step by step to really successful entrepreneurs. 

My business over the last decades allows me to travel a lot and I have spent many days abroad working and exploring new countries and continents that have given me the inspiration to continue to do what I am doing, sharing my knowledge and passion for personal growth and for people to dare to make the change in life that they want to have.

I spent many years of my working career working long hours as an employer, before eventually going into business for myself.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, also that I stumbled across a business industry 15 years ago, that today allows me a lifestyle and FREEDOM where I can choose when, where, and with whom I work. It didn´t happen over one night and I have still new personal goals to achieve.

I also believe that Everyone can be the best version of themself and find their way to reach their GOALS with some help. No matter if it is in business, private life, or personal goals.

If there is a will there's a way, follow that way and You will reach Your destination, sooner or later. If You STOP, You never get there and that is what many people do. To be able to Do it anyway, even on the rainiest days and when the road is having stocks in the way it helps to have someone that holds You accountable.


Having the possibility to have a work/business that works for and together with You and not the opposite, is for me the key to freedom. When I retired from being an employee, over 16 years ago, many people thought I was crazy. Having all this education and “giving it up” for the insecure life of being my own ”boss”. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far.

Has it always been easy? Of course not! Nothing worth having comes easy and the thing is, the more times I have "failed", the stronger I have become. There are no failures in life, there are only new experiences. I have also made decisions in life that showed up to be less good and experienced the consecvenses from that, still I believe that everything brings something useful with it. I believe in people and doing good for each other with good intentions and that it will always come back sooner or later. 

This is what drives me!

To get people to see the opportunities around them and also the power within ourselves and to make the best out of it. To have a business and life that they never thought was possible from the beginning. Impossible is Nothing! 

My decision has given me the possibility to travel around the world, both in business and with my family. The work is where I am and today with a business that I can do 100% from my mobile or computer, my business is not dependent on what is happening in other markets when the world is more or less put in lockdown or because of regressions. The ONLINE business always increases with regressions. That is a fact.

To be able to perform 100% in business and also have the time for private, family, and personal life, I know that it is only possible with taking care of my mind and body. To "feed" the mindset and body with the right energy and training for 100% power. With a drained mind and body, the performance will not be close to what we can and are made to do. 

What drives You

Today, more than ever, the online opportunities are so many. Everything might feel a bit scary before You know what it is and how it works. One thing history has already shown us, technology and the internet are here to stay, and either we learn early and have the possibility to be part of an early mover, or we wait until we must adapt. I prefer the first one. 

Thank You for ”checking” in to My page! 

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