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World of Alidia

World of Alidia is a 10K profile pic collection of beautiful art, where the NFT's also double as tickets to our amazing network of female change-makers. WoA is female-focused, and female-led, we are also the first serious NFT project in Scandinavia. 

The essence of our WoA community is to connect women - while bringing them into web3.



WoA Holders get access to our membership club (The WoA Hub) that exists both as a physical space in Stockholm as well as a digital one. The Woa Hub offers everything from a co-working space and an NFT Gallery to free concerts and workshops. All that happens in the Hub will be live streamed so that holders can enjoy the WoA perks from anywhere in the world. 

why us?

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Vanja is a serial entrepreneur who started out building, running and eventually selling a successful Nordic e-commerce. Since then she’s been very active in social media, building her own personal brand as well as a fitness concept, and an online second hand-service. She’s worked with Niklas in creating quality programs for children, and her blog is one of the most visited blogs in Sweden. Vanja has also written a book about how to create the life you dream of (and deserve) and she’s a frequent guest in Swedish media.

Niklas has bachelor of Business Communication and a Master of Arts and Media. He is a true entrepreneur and has founded many different businesses including a clothing brand, a lifestyle store and an app and kids TV productions company. 


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