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Passion Vista, the Global Luxury, Lifestyle & Business magazine launched its special collector’s edition, ‘Women Leaders to Look Up To in 2021’ on 30th April, 2021 on online social media platforms of YouTube and Facebook in order to identify and honour such women leaders who have proven their mettle by breaking the age-old shackles and walking abreast with their male counterparts with equal grit & determination. This Special Edition of Passion Vista is yet another attempt to recognize and honour such amazing women leaders who have outshined their competitors and achieved remarkable deeds.

‘Women Leaders to Look Up to in 2021’ are the epitome of success and commemoration for the selected few women leaders who have successfully shown excellence in their respective domains through their passion, hard work and tenacity.

Such outstanding and successful women leaders who found a place amongst ‘Women Leaders to Look Up To in2021’ for their sheer grit and determination were honored and felicitated during the launch of the Collector’s Edition of Passion Vista. The 2 page profile of each women leader which has published in Passion Vista’s Special Collector’s edition was presented with their own individual views and a message to young aspirants through a video byte were shared and applauded.


Passion Vista is an internally famed Luxury, Lifestyle & Business magazine, published by Unified Brainz Media & Publication House, promises to entertain its readers with the latest trends in the high fashion lifestyle of the most aristocratic and charismatic people from society and business. It features the most happening trends in health & fitness, fashion & brands, culture & style, travel & leisure and adventurous & classy sports besides showcasing the lifestyle habits and success stories of renowned business leaders & celebrities from fashion & films.

The launch ended with a thanking note and a promise to continue the legacy of recognizing and supporting women leaders every year.

Here You find the full article in the Magazine
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